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Welcome to Blackrock Plastics SC, LLC, we specialize in buying and selling of all post industrial plastics. We buy LDPE, LLDPE, PP, NYLONS, SUPERSACKS, PURGES, ABS, PC/ABS.  We have locations in all  48 US states, and are fully capable of handling your plastic scrap no matter how large the amount.  Our material handling and recycling processes maximize your return of your plastic scrap with the least amount of man hours (on your end) possible. In addition to our prompt pickup and rock solid plastic recycling process, we also can assist in compounding, pelletizing and shredding of all post industrial plastics.

The process is seamless. You simply call or fill out our brief Buy/ Sell form. It will go directly to the appropriate  department.  Someone will then contact you to help fulfill your plastic recycling or buying needs. We will follow you through the whole lifecycle from pickup to prompt payment from our accounting department if selling.  We will support any special requests if buying material from us. Example: Loading pictures, scale tickets and trucking referrals.  We take all forms of plastics. Purges, Regrind, Dust, Parts. These can be in Gaylords, Baled, On Pallets, Original Boxes.

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Blackrock pricing has ALWAYS been competitive and Bruce has done a terrific job delivering on his promises and helping our business maximize our recycling needs.
Ron P.United States

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