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Blackrock Plastics Post Industrial Plastics Recycling



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Blackrock Plastics Post Industrial Plastics Recycling

Blackrock Plastics, LLC specializes in the buying and selling of all post-industrial plastics with locations throughout the continental United States.

With headquarters based out of Charleston, South Carolina, Blackrock Plastics, LLC buys and sells post-industrial recycled plastics throughout the United States and around the globe. Averaging the movement of over 20 million pounds of recycled plastics a year, they have provided an easy, hassle-free method to help provide an additional source of income for businesses creating scrap plastic while still being friendly to the environment. Their simple processes help keep plastics out of landfills and put back into recycled products.

Blackrock Plastics buys all types of post-industrial plastics including LDPE, LLDPE, PP, NYLONS, SUPERSTACKS, PURGES, ABS, PC/ABS, and FILM. With a minimum of only 20,000 lbs. almost anyone with scrap plastics can use Blackrock to help them recycle it and get paid! If you don’t know whether your scrap plastic can be bought and recycled through Blackrock Plastics, contact Jim Kevany or the rest of the team today.

Blackrock Plastics prides themselves on their responsiveness and customer service. They are A+ rated through the Better Business Bureau and have accumulated over 1,000 end users needing material in their 12 years in business. With dedicated account managers to work with you exclusively, you can rest assured the buying process will be seamless so your material can be picked up and sold in a timely manner.

Founder and CEO Jim Kevany has used his 20 years of experience trading on Wall Street to create Blackrock Plastics, LLC, fulfilling the need to assist manufacturers looking to recycle unwanted product while getting paid. Jim strives to ensure his team’s hard work and dedication does not go overlooked. All members of the team at Blackrock have a passion to keep plastics out of landfills while helping their partners turn scrap into profit. The company was even nominated as a Plastic Recycler in the 2019 Charleston Award Program.

If you are looking to get rid of unwanted plastic scrap or to learn more about Blackrock Plastics, call the team at (843) 410-0326 or visit

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