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Are You Looking to Buy or Sell Post-Industrial Plastics?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Plastic Recycling

Post-Industrial Plastics can be a benefit to the environment rather than a burden with reliable plastic recycling services. However, some plastics are harder to recycle than others, requiring a knowledgeable middleman to help negotiate the best deals. Here at Blackrock Plastics, we focus on supporting both sides of the recycling stream by helping you buy and sell Post-Industrial Plastics.

Get Paid for Popular Plastic in High Demand for Recycling

Why let good materials go to waste and become a potential source of pollution? Create value out of Purges, Plastic Scrap, Sprues, and Parts. If you’re looking to sell your plastic scrap or unwanted materials, we have high demand for and offer guaranteed payments on materials like:



• Polypropylene, or PP

• All types of Nylon, especially Glass Filled regrind



Of course, that’s just a small fraction of the polymers and plastics we’re looking to buy or sell.

If you have any type of post-industrial plastic that you’d like to sell, contact us today at

+1 (843)-410-0326 for a quote within one business day.

You may be surprised at the value of off-grade or purged materials you have just sitting around taking up space. By selling your waste or unwanted plastic to us, you can secure a generous payment without the hassle of dealing with multiple smaller buyers.

Find a Steady Source of Affordable and High-Quality Recycled Plastic

On the buying side of the recycled plastic equation? Blackrock Plastics can also help. We process and pelletize dozens of different Post-Industrial Plastics. Even if you have a specialty demand for a particular Nylon Glass-Filled product or specific polymer formulation, we can help. Our contacts in the recycling industry help us source obscure plastics as well as the most recycled options.

Switching to recycled plastics in your manufacturing operation can result in upfront savings and improved consumer demand due to the perceived Eco-Friendliness of your products. Even medical equipment and aerospace parts can be made with recycled materials if you have a source for high quality supplies.

Let Blackrock Plastics take the hard work and long negotiations out of sourcing recycled plastic. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell post-industrial plastics, we’re your source for Polyethylene, PVC, Nylon, and more.

Get in touch with us today by calling +1 (843)-410-0326

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