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Blackrock Plastics Is Expanding

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

The world might be facing a raw materials shortage, but suppliers are working harder than ever to find new solutions. At Blackrock Plastics, we are expanding our sourcing arm to keep up with demand and fuel the country’s recycling industry — starting with the expansion of our purchasing department.

We are all aware of the effect the pandemic has had on many resources. Plastic scrap is no exception, with demand going up.

As Buyers and Sellers of a range of Post-Industrial Plastics — from PET to PVC to PE — That’s why we’re making our purchasing department larger and going all-out to source everything we can.

“With the market being so tight due to the lack of supply of virgin material, we’re still growing, with increased demand for our plastic scrap. We know in time the market will balance out — nothing lasts forever. But we’ve learned to adapt to different market conditions,” says Director- Jim Kevany.

Nobody can predict what’s going to happen years down the line. For now though, we believe we have a duty to keep businesses growing. We serve 48 states.

Don’t wait to get the supplies you need

Whether you have a truckload of Post-Industrial Plastic Scrap you want to offload or a you’re in dire need of the materials for your own use, we make the process easy as possible.

Here at Blackrock Plastics, our credentials speak for themselves — we have been in business for 15 years. With over 1600 buyers and Suppliers. We are A+ rated from the Better Business Bureau.

Get in touch with us today by calling +1 (843)-410-0326

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