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Why Use Recycled Plastic For Packaging?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

The packaging industry uses more plastics than any other type of commerce. In fact, every year, 36 percent of all plastics produced goes into innumerable types of casings. From bottles of soda and take-out-food containers to boxes and film wraps, plastics are so versatile that they can be formed into boundless shapes.

Blackrock Plastics specializes in selling post-industrial plastics so they can be repurposed instead of being bought new. If your company is interested in buying these plastics so you can transform them into your packaging needs, look to Blackrock. One of our account managers will help and guide you from start to finish.

There are many reasons to buy used plastics for repurposing reasons, with the main reason being to save the Earth. Plastics are the top culprits when it comes to visible environmental pollution. All over the world, it’s on the ground and in all of our oceans and seas.

The fact that plastic is so durable is a blessing and a curse. The positive aspects are that it’s incredibly durable—almost indestructible!—and light in weight. The negative aspect—and this is a big one—is that it can take hundreds of years before a plastic bottle, box or another kind of packaging starts to decay. Scientists have estimated that a PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle can take 450 years to disappear. But before it vanishes, it dissolves into microplastic pieces, which can enter our food chain via all of those polluted oceans and seas.

If you would like to buy recycled plastic and use it for your packaging products, fill in your information on our Get On Our Buyers List. Our dedicated team is always finding numerous types and forms of recycled industrial plastics. You can also call us at 843-410-0326.

Though based in South Carolina, Blackrock Plastics has locations throughout the contiguous United States. We want to help you save money and Planet Earth.

Get in touch with us today by calling +1 (843)-410-0326

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